Video Games and the Depressed Teenager written by Roni Caryn Rabin stated that heavy gamers show the tendency of depression and are need to be taken care of. The author first used two research sources to support his idea directly, and then he referred a professor’s point, which first seems like a rebuttal paragraph but is actually supporting the thesis statement. The first research shows that among 3,000 students in Singapore, who play 31 hours video games per week are more likely to suffer from depression compared to students who play 19 hours per week. The second research investigated 1,000 students in China, and the result indicates that students who use more Internet use are more than twice likely to have mental problems. The two researches supported the idea that video games can cause depression directly by showing the statistics. Next, the author pointed out that an associate professor Dr. Gentile disagreed. Dr. Gentile argues that people who have mental issues are more likely to retreat into games, and then become more depressed. In the conclusion, the author used a quote from Dr Gentile which expressed the idea that video games become a factor that come along with problematic mental health instead of an independent factor.


I agree to the point that heavy video game players show a drop in grades, but I think depression is not caused by video games.

First of all, I agree to Dr. Gentile’s argument that video game is not the start of depression but a factor comes along with it. I’ve met many friends who play video games and I sometimes play them too. Many of them are very talkative and optimistic instead of unhappy and depressed. When we play together, we all think that video games add fun to our lives and it’s a way of meeting people. As a result, I think people can’t blame depression on playing video games, that the mind of player is the problem. If the player is playing games because he/ she lacks the skill of communicating and socializing, then people should help him/ her developing social skills instead of merely drop the person from video games. I really liked the word Dr. Gentile used ““You can get the flu, and then get pneumonia, which is a different thing, but it kind of came along with the flu, and flu made you at greater risk for it.” It really helped readers understand the idea.