June 6, 2015

Portfolio Committee

University of California, Davis

Davis, California, 95616

Dear Portfolio Reader:

This portfolio includes a portfolio letter, a summary and response paper, paper 4, and the final assignment paper. I will introduce my own strength and weakness about my writing skills and my assignments in this portfolio letter.

At the beginning of this course, I was doubtful of myself, that whether I can pass this writing class or not as an international student. I did fine on paper 1 which discussed whether digital natives can have real life relationships. Except my reference list was not in APA style which Aylin asked us to do. The reason is that I have been writing reference list in MLA style since high school. As a result, I felt difficult to learn a completely new citing system at the first.

After that, I tried to use APA reference list in my midterm revision. I think I wrote most of my citations correct by following the steps Aylin gave us in class. The writing lab website of Purdue University is really helpful for students like me to study, because the website has different citations for specific kind. If I am confused about which type a source is, I will ask Aylin and she will tell me the way to find its correct kind. However, besides the problem with my reference list, I went off topic both on my midterm exam and on my paper 4 first draft. It never happened before so I asked myself why I would do this and told myself not to do it again. I was painful to rewrite my paper 4, because I had to come up a new thesis statement and idea to address the topic. And as you read my paper 4 in this portfolio later, you will find that I put a lot of work connecting my ideas so that they are coherent. I had to come up a lot of new ideas within three days, so I think paper 4 is the most challenging in this class so far. Fortunately, Aylin told me some important information about my paper and gave some useful advice to help me rewrite the paper. I finished paper 4 evaluating my high school’s technology use with a relieved and grateful heart.

The last but not the least, I’ve done a lot of reading assignments in this class. Even though they are not long articles, they are still relatively heavy for me to read and compare at the same time. But the benefit after practice is obvious: I am now a more mature reader write now. It’s very important to understand the article as well as memorizing the key ideas of it. As long as the knowledge becomes things in my mind, I can use them better to improve the depth in my writings.

I think myself as a more organized writer now. For example, I will list all the elements of an article when I’m summarizing. And I will do summarization of articles to help myself writing essays. Furthermore, before I started writing, I will list an outline for my paper so that I have a structure and I don’t go off the topic. If I pass UWP 23 this them, I think I am well prepared for WLD 57 and other WE classes in UC Davis.